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Food for thought -The marzipan layer

When I was at Base (a conference for sustainable business) last week one of the speakers mentioned that the marzipan layer of people, typically in their late 30s to mid 50s are often the hardest to win over when rolling out staff environmental engagement programmes. Although I don’t like to generalise or be ageist, I had to agree – working with a cross section of businesses large and small, I am always struck at how in general those in their 20s and 30s assume that an environmental approach is an accepted part of the way to do business, and want to know how to do it, not why.

It demonstrates to me that environmental considerations and carbon is becoming, and will become, embedded in mainstream business and not on the nice-to-have fringes, just as awareness of climate change has dramatically increased and moved to centre stage.

It also challenges those working to engage staff to know the audience and tailor the approach to where they happen to be, not where we want them to be. Getting the marzipan layer, often middle management, on board is key to effective implementation of any environmental programme.

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Poll on the benefits of environmental strategies in business

Here’s a poll on the drivers for implementing an environmental strategy in a business.  Give it a go!

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Using the head as well as the heart

Using the head as well as the heart

Many people see green as a good thing, the challenge is to take green from the heart to the head.   Too often if something is seen as green, it is assumed that it must be the best environmental solution.  This is often not true.

Take solar panels – they are great but in most cases only once the nitty gritty has been addressed – the heart wants the solar panels but the head needs to say ‘hang on a minute let’s make things efficient first – how much is it going to cost and what are we going to save both environmentally and economically?’  Of course solar panels can be an important visual statement but usually only where other measures are in place.

This is where knowledge is key, knowing what approach will have the biggest benefit to both the environment and your business.

Tip: ask the question – is this the best environmental approach, how much will it cost and what are the benefits?  If these add up then it will work for your business and the environment.

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