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‘We don’t say no’

I am now enjoying working in our newly converted office with a great reclaimed floor and roof slates, sheep’s wool insulation, low energy lighting, easy to use heating controls and ecological paint.

What struck me during the work was how the builder’s attitude made it work. Their approach was ‘we don’t do no’ so even though some of the ideas such as sheep’s wool insulation or reusing the slates were something they hadn’t done before, they just gone on with it. This reflects what I see in organisations I work with – it’s winning the hearts and minds that does it.

It’s great to be working under a newly refurbished slate roof that should last another 100 years and to have flooring that was guaranteed to be over 100 years old. It highlights that good quality materials can last far longer than a few years.

And no these extra sustainable features didn’t cost a significant amount more than the alternatives – and they enhance rather than detract from the quality of the space. The benefits far outweigh any little effort need to source these products. It really wasn’t that difficult and it truly is an office space to last.

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