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I recently got talking to someone who works in IT strategy and surprisingly found we had a lot in common, she suggested I wrote a  blog on Green IT –  it’s difficult to know where to start such a big subject but here goes.    It’s all about strategy,  people, communication and cultural change. I’ll throw the green buzzword out too – out goes Green IT, in comes strategy.

The key message is that a green IT strategy does not need expensive IT equipment, it is about looking for opportunities that IT gives to improve the environmental performance of a business – this can be anything from out of office accessibility to webinar facilities and environmental communication.

A lot of it’s about people – making it easier for people to choose the resource efficient option.  Making equipment switching off out of hours and double-sided printing the default.  Then it’s about communicating and recognising that this is about cultural change.  There’s no point putting in new equipment without recognising the need to win hearts and minds.

Control and influence

What does IT control and what does it influence? – it clearly controls the IT equipment so important to get that right in the long term but let’s have a think about what it influences – how a business works, how effectively a business works, communication within a business, the products…….. it may only be influence but the potential environmental gain is usually very significant.

And finally

To be effective a Green IT strategy needs to be part of a broader company environmental strategy, with objectives and targets to reduce carbon and waste and to add in my favourite soap box if you can measure it all the better.

Hope you enjoyed reading this I would love to hear some of your IT and environmental successes and comments.

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